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Valentin Gomez Farias Elementary School Drinking Water Filter
Water for Humans directly helped over 180 children ensure that they always have clean, safe drinking water at the Valentin Gomez Farias Elementary School in Santo Domingo Barrio Bajo Etla (SDBBE), Oaxaca, Mexico.  With the completion of this project, Water for Humans has been able to provide both safe clean drinking water and eliminate the burden of purchasing bottled water.  The school has now reallocated its limited resources from purchasing bottled water to improving the educational experience of the children. Before installing the water filter, the school was purchasing two to three 5 gallon bottles of potable water per week for each of its six classrooms.

parents-committee Lavatory
Parent's Committee that oversaw Project Lavatory before water filter installed

The majority of the funding for this implementation came from the Bremerton (WA) Rotary Club.  In addition, we coordinated our efforts with the local Antequera Rotary Club in Oaxaca.  This system includes a separate rooftop water storage tank and a point-of use water filter system with a unique faucet to ensure that the school has access to safe water at all times.




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